Secure Document Firm Reports Drastic Growth

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a company whose products help add secure document viewing capabilities to enterprises, reported a drastic increase in sales of their products. In the period between November 2007 and November 2008, the company reports a 50% year-over year growth in demand for its secure viewing and collaboration products worldwide.

Enterprise content management has been a hot growth spot over the past few years, and as sensitivity about information security remains in today's news, secure document storage and retrieval has also surged at the forefront of Information Technology manager's minds.

Who's Buying Secure Document Solutions

IGC reports that the sharp rise in demand of their products is largely in the healthcare, insurance, government and financial services industries. Of course, any organization or company that houses any type of sensitive data should take measures to keep this information from prying eyes.

As a result of the increased demand, Informative Graphics has strengthened partnerships with enterprise content management system vendors such as EMC Documentum, Open Text, IBM, Interwoven and Kofax. Having a secure ECM system in place speeds the process of retrieving data should eDiscovery or regulatory compliance become an issue.

What Tools Are Available to Secure Data?

Informative Graphics offers tools and products that help enhance information security. Content Sealed Format with Visual Rights is a utility that gives users the ability to add file security measures, such as expiration date and restrictions on operations like print, copy and annotation.

Additionally, Redact-It is a desktop software measure that is employed on systems attached to scanning software. Redact-It automatically detects and removes private data such as names, social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses before such information is seen by a broader audience.

Massive Growth Potential

As more companies and enterprises adopt enterprise content management systems and store more documents online, securing them becomes absolutely necessary. We predict companies such as IGC will continue to see dramatic growth with information security being such a hot market in recent years.