Today eDiscovery workflow gets a little easier. Thanks to PSS Systems' (news, site) release of Atlas Compliance Automation 2.0 (ACA 2.0), a development platform that will let PSS clients and partners integrate the Atlas Suite with their information stores.

Increased Compliance Doesn't Mean More Data

Over the past year, eDiscovery has driven an increase of compliance standards and legal obligations. Yet, because of communication issues, legal and IT teams are often confused about what requirements to enforce and how best to go about doing so.

Such confusion is risky and can cause gaps in organization, making it possible for critical legal data to get lost or disposed.

As a result, companies may have tried to preserve as much data as possible, in an effort to combat such risk. But that approach is expensive, affecting eDiscovery and storage costs.

PSS comes to the rescue and offers a way to eliminate unnecessary legal risk, while reducing discovery and data management costs.

Value Your Data, Connect with Compliance

The PSS Atlas Suite is full of products that work to deliver solutions that help companies meet regulatory standards and defensibly dispose of data that has no business value.

For value-based data, customers can use PSS to accelerate retention management and predict and control discovery costs by establishing transparency and control across the portfolio.


Information Integration

The PSS integration will affect the way corporate attorneys and compliance staff implement legal holds, collection instructions and retention management requirements. They can merge hold parameters and collection instruction directly from desktops to where information is stored and archived.

Not only does this aim to save time, but it also reduces risk associated with under-preserving data with legal obligations and over-preserving data no longer on hold.

Integrating Content from Many Places

With connectors and its SDK, PSS can tie into any user content -- from file shares, SharePoint and Documentum, to backup tapes, PeopleSoft, Excel spreadsheets and more.

New connectors are now also available that allow the Atlas Suite to automatically propagate governance instructions to eDiscovery products from IBM, Symantec, Mimosa and StoredIQ.

With many ways to create custom connectors, Atlas Compliance Automation 2.0 has the rare ability to unite legal and IT while saving money and improving the reliability of eDiscovery.