If you were one of the few involved in the beta for Mainsoft's (newssite) Enterprise version of, then you already know how to make your email more social. For the rest of you, it's time to find out.

Email is Evolving 

It's going nowhere, but it's also not staying the same. The struggles that organizations have with email are obvious, there's too much of it and it includes too many attachments that are not getting managed properly. But the fact is that we all spend a lot of our working day inside our email client. So it make sense that whatever we do to enable better collaboration, and better document management, be supported within those email clients, doesn't it?

That's the basis of Mainsoft's for Outlook and Lotus Notes. The free version of was available last March. Now the enterprise version of the suite is open to everyone.

Basically, you continue to work in the email client of your choice (in this case Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes), and using the sidebar, you collaborate on documents and other content you have located in SharePoint or Google Docs.


Harmonie Sidebar

New Social Features for SharePoint

The Enterprise version of for SharePoint brings some new social capabilities for even better collaboration inside your email client. These include the following:

  • View SharePoint profiles
  • Rate documents shown in the sidebar
  • Add comments (notes) to selected document in the side
  • Search for people, based on their SharePoint profiles
  • View content out of SharePoint MySites
  • Right Click on a document and initiate an email, chat or call with the owner of that document (this is done using either Microsoft Communication Server or Lotus Sametime)


Publish Outlook messages

You can also publish your Outlook or Notes emails into SharePoint, and easily click and drag documents within your emails into SharePoint or Google Docs.

Social Email

We are overloaded with tools and information. It's become second nature to spend the better part of our day switching context between browser tabs or applications to get our work done. But Mainsoft sees the email client as an aggregator, a way to overcome this context switching, making us more efficient and potentially quicker to respond to the demands of our jobs.

We already do a lot of our collaboration within email now. It's not efficient, but it is how we are using to working. is a solution to make our use of email more efficient, more manageable. Now this doesn't mean that we still don't need other enterprise collaboration tools, you always have to consider the right tool for the right job.

As Yaacov Cohen, founder and CEO of Mainsoft points out, you need a strategy to drive enterprise adoption, and by using email as the aggregator, you are taking a user centric approach and practically driving enterprise collaboration within the business using familiar tools. Cohen says that social email gives you the best of both worlds, email is extensible and robust, and an interface that you know very well. It also contains your social graph.

Mainsoft's for Enterprise for Enterprise provides you with the ability to deploy and install the sidebar from a central location. You can also centrally register (or provision) the SharePoint sites you want to have available via the sidebar. In addition, you get premier support. Everything a large organization is looking for.

You can learn more about the enterprise and the free edition here.