Sync Google Docs with Your Desktop Using Memeo Connect

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Sync Google Docs with Your Desktop Using Memeo Connect
If you’re a Google Apps fan, then you probably tossed up your hat last week when Big G announced the ability to upload and store any kind of file to your account.And if you’re a third-party kind of contributer like Memeo, then you probably rejoiced at all the room left for improvement.

Memeo's complementary tool -- Memeo Connect -- finishes what Google started by allowing users to manage their files from the comfort of their own desktop, providing offline access and the ability to sync files across multiple computers.

As Easy as Drag and Drop

Although Memeo was was borne out of the belief that dragging and dropping is so last century (the company generally offers solutions for managing high volumes of digital files), that’s pretty much the gist of Memeo Connect. Here’s a shot of the interface:


Memeo Connect screenshot via TechCrunch

Start by dragging and dropping a file of folder into the outlined box on the lower left-hand side of the screen. Once you've done that, the filters (shown just above the drop box) are there to help you sort your junk. Additionally, a handy search box lives in the upper right-hand corner in case you can't find what you're looking for.

The blue column on the right side displays information about an individual file, such as which Google Docs users have access to the document and how many revisions there have been. Memeo Connect also retains the small things we love about Google Docs navigation, like Starred documents and shared folders.

Learning Opportunities

"More than 3,000 businesses sign up for Google Apps every day, and many of them are interested in a tool that effectively assists in the import and management of their existing files and documents between Google Docs and the desktop environment," said Matthew Glotzbach, Product Management Director, Google. "Memeo Connect for Google Apps presents our customers with an attractive option to integrate or migrate all of their files into Google Docs."

Bridging the Microsoft Gap

When you consider Glotzbach's statement and the number of businesses using the Microsoft Office suite, it's easy to see why these kinds of tools are critical for productivity. Solutions like Memeo Connect and Dropbox work to bring us closer to a grade 'A' document management experience. The question is, who'll reign supreme?

For now the answer's up in the air. Although, perhaps it's worth noting that Google reportedly sought Memeo out themselves and proposed the solution (which is why the Google Docs upgrade and Memeo Connect were released in tandem). We wonder, what's stopping Google from syncing Google Docs and Microsoft Office directly?  Now that would be something.  

If you've been romanced by the idea of syncing your files with a third-party application, you get get more information, including pricing, at Memeo's site