Branding is a tricky thing. You come up with a straightforward name for your file-sharing product. But over time, users’ actions change, leaving you with a name that sounds out-dated. What do you do? Change your name of course.

Exit YouSendIt. Enter Hightail.

YouSendIt known for helping people store and send data on the web, has decided it’s time to expand its services. They’ve become Hightail and will be offering more than just the ability to send and store. In January, YouSendIt Hightail strategically acquired Found for its file search capabilities and began to release apps designed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile user base. We didn't know it then, but this was just the beginning. 

YouSendIt users will still recognize Hightail but will benefit from its expanding role within the cloud storage sharing industry. It's a shift that others in the market are also making and it one that will continue to evolve as mobile technology change the way we access, share and store information.