In the future, everything we interact with digitally -- files, images, games, messaging -- will be everywhere with us. No thumb drives, no email attachments, just an ubiquitous app that seamlessly syncs information across devices. At present, Dropbox is hard at work crafting this future and has rolled out the beta release of its Datastore API. 

A New Way to Sync & Store

With Datastore API users can save their app's data — settings, contacts, or any other content created by them — and Dropbox will take care of all the syncing. People who use the Datastore-enabled app can be sure their information will always be up-to-date and available, no matter what device or platform they use.

The folks at Dropbox know that users create more than spreadsheets and Word documents. We create to-do lists within other apps, we play games, take photos and we don’t only want to look at them when we’re connected to WiFi or 4G.

Sync, Collaborate and Merge

The Datastore API provides a new model for storing and syncing data beyond files. For developers, datastores make it so they don’t have to build a complicated sync engine from scratch; rather they can add the power of Dropbox into your app.

Additionally, when the user is offline, the app continues to work with all its data locally. The next time the user is online, Dropbox sync things up accordingly.

Dropbox’s Datastore API brings a certain order to the collaborative workflow, as well. With datastores, Dropbox now understands the structure of your app data and automatically merge changes made at the same time.

Sync or Save

These updates were announced at the cloud storage company’s first ever developer’s conference and were presented to developers as a solution to syncing issues. But as much as Dropbox wants to streamline syncing across apps and information, it also understands that users need to be able to save it all in one secure place — even when on the go.

Learning Opportunities

Dropbox launched Chooser for iOS and Android. Introduced last November, Chooser allows developers to integrate Dropbox into apps. With this new update, users will be able to bring their files into a mobile app directly from Dropbox.


Additionally, they introduced a new drop-in called Saver that lets users save files from an app directly to Dropbox with a single click. The Saver is now available for web apps with native versions for iOS and Android coming soon.  


The future is coming and with it, a new way to save, sync and store your files where ever you go, from any device.