YouSendIt Buys Found for All in One File Search from Anywhere

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File sharing service YouSendIt has expanded its roster of duties by purchasing Found, a system for enabling file search across devices and clouds.

Find Cloud Files

Those working with YouSendIt already know about its collaboration tools like sharing files up to two gigabytes in size. But anyone who works with with other people and does a fair amount of sharing is going to have some files get misplaced from time to time.

That's where a tool like Found comes in so handy. 

It's bad enough when files get stashed away on a forgotten folder on a hardrive, but when those folders are in the cloud, that complicates things. Since more and more people are storing things in places like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft's SkyDrive, for example, Found is a very strategic find for YouSendIt.

Additionally, Found can search apps like Evernote and even things like Gmail attachments. Start typing in the search field, and suggestions start popping up right away as expected. Items can be previewed at full size, and dragged and dropped to wherever they are needed.

One button can toggle the system in and out of use so it's hidden just out of site for when it's needed.

This feature is particularly useful when working in full screen mode, if needed, and multiple Gmail and Evernote accounts can be added. Found is a Mac app at this point, so iPad and Windows users will have to wait until those versions are developed. The YouSendIt buy should help speed that right along. 

Learning Opportunities


Searching for files with Found is just like searching online. Start typing, suggestions are made right away.

Mobility Breeding Cloud-Centric Models

As noted before, the cloud is growing because of the increase in mobile device usage. Not all cloud systems are integrated, obviously, and companies like YouSendIt have likely found it to be quite difficult to do this themselves. Found, on the other hand, has come up with a pretty unique idea, and YouSendIt can now add its functionality to its own search.

We doubt YouSendIt was the only company looking to grab Found, but if they were, then kudos to them for being innovative enough to peek into the future of collaboration. Companies who are still looking to pick up something along the Found lines will likely do so as the need for discoverable cloud based files increases.

Found will be kept as a free standalone product for those who need it, but terms of the deal were not made public.