eDiscovery and records management have certainly evolved. What started with emails and electronic documents has spread into the cloud and then some. And now, just as predicted, it’s taking on social media.

ZL Technologies, Inc, provider of archiving and eDiscovery software for large organizations, has announced new enterprise-class social media archiving capabilities. Using FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway, ZL´s Fortune 500 customers can manage a variety of electronic content, from emails to instant messenger, Sharepoint and social media, using the single repository, policy engine and search interface of ZL Unified Archive.

FINRA Promotes Social Media Awareness

You may recall the FINRA Regulatory Notice 10-06, which outlines the need for companies to start addressing record-keeping, suitability and supervision challenges associated with social media. As a result companies are in the beginning steps of identifying and understanding ongoing requirements for retaining and lifecycling all forms of corporate electronic data.

ZL Unified Archive, which released its seventh major upgrade in 2009, is able to consolidate and manage all of company’s digital information while effectively meeting compliance standards for eDiscovery, retention, records management and storage optimization. By integrating with FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway, ZL customers can monitor and capture social media communications, which then can be retained, classified and managed in ZL Unified Archive.

FaceTime provides security management and compliance solutions for IM and other communications alongside web 2.0 and social networks. Having built several strategic partnerships with other public and private IM network providers and Unified Communications platforms, Facetime is committed to expanding solutions that meet the needs of those in the enterprise.

Ahead of the Curve

Obviously, ZL is ahead of the curve, offering this new capability, which ultimately reflects the continuously evolving demand for electronic records management across a range of data types.

Also interesting is that technologies are being developed with the recognition that companies are in fact, engaging with others via social media platforms, where as it used to be that the only control available was an outright ban of all social media. Social media is here to stay and has become an integral part of a company’s communication strategies and customer engagement.