Everyone wants to be in the movies – but not everyone has the cash to break in.

With this basic thought in mind, Qumu, a California-based provider of rich-media solutions for enterprises, came up with Qumu Kodiak.

The new suite, which has just been released, provides global enterprises with the ability to create, manageand distribute video communications without straining financial or network resources.

Designed for both internal video streaming and external visual communications, Kodiak simplifies the process of creating video content in a secure environment that manages the content through its entire life-cycle.

Recognizing the increasing use of video sites such as You Tube, and the ongoing development of rich-media content such as video blogs, Qumu engineered Kodiak from the ground up.

Simplifying Secure Content Distribution

The problem is that while everyone wants to be in the (enterprise) movies, IT departments face the almost insurmountable problem of simplifying the publishing and distribution of this content to authorized parties on a secure platform.

Qumu has dealt with this problem by developing an easy-to-use content creation application, while creating a user-friendly interface that allows enterprises specify access control parameters as well as in-built reporting features.

With Kodiak’s Employee Generated Content (EGC) solutions enterprises can implement entire life-cycle training that enable the easy creation of rich-media content with Qumu Create.

At the same time and running off the same platform, the Qumu EGC portal enables easy enterprise-wide publishing and distribution. Together, the two solutions form the dual pillars of Qumu Kodiak.

New Media-Rich Functions

Comprised of five key components distributed across the two solutions, the new suite contains a set of media-rich web services and other features that have not been generally available to date.

Learning Opportunities

Those features include:

  1. Qumu Video Control Center 5.0 - An application that provides a central control for all video applications using a EGC interface that leverages social collaboration features through Microsoft Silverlight.
  2. Qumu Create - A low-cost video creation tool that can run on a user’s desktop or laptop, capturing Windows Media video and allowing slides and screen capture.
  3. Qumu Capture Studio 2.0 - A platform enabling the production of webcasts and presentations in multiple formats.
  4. Qumu Digital Signage - A digital signage solution that can deliver rich-media to any number of displays enterprise-wide and includes a corporate signage function. Content can include video, text or Web content.
  5. Qumu VideoEdge - An appliance that streams live and on-demand business videos to user-specified enterprise-wide desktops.


Qumu Capture Studio 2.0:a platform enabling the production of webcasts and presentations in multiple formats

The driving force behind the development of this suite is quite simple -- cost-effectiveness.

Client Pressure For Video Content

With the increased use of video and rich-media formats in Web 2.0 sites, enterprises are under increasing pressure to provide scalable and secure content.

As it stands, companies expect to have easy access to on-demand webcasts, videoconferencing capabilities, remote employee training facilities, product announcements and customer outreach, but few companies have the resources to provide these systematically.

Kodiak, bridges the chasm between client expectations and client resources, by dramatically reducing the costs and technical issues involved in producing this kind of content.

Currently available on a 60-day free trial download, it can be bought as software, an appliance or as a SaaS solution.