Reality Digital Launches 'Harmony' Social Media Platform
When CMSWire spoke with Reality Digital on the state of social media and SaaS-based solutions, CEO Cynthia Francis hinted that big news was coming in the near future. Well that future has arrived in the form of a self-service white-label social media platform for the small to mid-sized business called Reality Digital Harmony.

In our interview on the state of SaaS and Social Media, Francis indicated that Social Media is the right place to spend your marketing dollars. Social Media solutions can provide your organization with a direct connection to your customers at a lower dollar value than more traditional marketing tools.

But not all social media solutions are budget friendly and easy to implement - especially for the small to mid-sized enterprise. So Reality Digital has designed a version of their SaaS-based solution with the SMB in mind.

Reality Digital Harmony

Harmony is an entry-level white label online video and social networking platform. The solution is self-service, so you have the ability to build and manage an online community quickly and on your own.

Functionality included in Harmony includes:

  • Online video upload and payback
  • User-generated content and sharing
  • Social Networking (blogs, events, forums)
  • Content Monetization Capabilities
  • Administrative Dashboard and monitoring tools
  • Content Moderation tools

"This economy has resulted in tighter budgets, reduced staff and scant marketing resources for companies, making it difficult to experiment with social media initiatives," said Cynthia Francis, CEO of Reality Digital. "Reality Digital Harmony is an entry-level social media platform that makes it easy for businesses to create an online community to enhance their connection with customers in a brand-safe environment."

What Makes Harmony So Easy to Use?

The Harmony platform is an out-of-the-box solution that includes a number of capabilities designed to help you get your community up and running with the least amount of technical effort. Of course the planning is another story.

Learning Opportunities

  • Drag and Drop UI: Quickly design the look of a page by dragging and dropping widgets where you want them
  • Configurable Widgets: Over 30 pre-set configurable WYSIWYG widgets
  • Control of CSS: Brand your community anyway you want through 100% control of the CSS
  • Advertising: Implement advertising from your choice of provider and keep 100% of the ad revenue

Not Just for the SMB

The Harmony social media platform has a number of uses other than for cost-minded SMBs. It can also be used to prototype proof of concepts quickly and easily, provide one-off contest communities for marketing departments and provide online video learning environments for businesses.

You can implement Harmony for US$ 499 / month. That provides 100,000 page views per month along with basic phone and email support. As your community grows and you pass the minimum page views, pricing will go up to the next tier.

If you are interested, you can get more information from Reality Digital's website. Harmony is available as of March.