This week’s release of SilverDust v2.4 for Blackberry (news, site) continues to build on its integration with SharePoint and adds enhancements to BlackBerry’s ability to access SharePoint 2010 workflows and document reviews.

With v2.4, users will be able to access SharePoint 2010 data remaining compliant with SharePoint 2010 security settings and without having to change SharePoint 2010 configurations.

SilverDust v2.4

A mobile client for BlackBerry, SilverDust made by MA-based Softartisans, enables users to carry out file transfers to and from SharePoint 2010 document libraries and allows them check-in and check-out documents just as they would if they were accessing them form a SharePoint 2010 interface on the desktop.

Users are also able to create and edit Microsoft Excel and Word files using Dataviz Documents To Go, (which you might recall RIM bought out recently) and then check the documents back in as an edited version while at the same time preserving version history.

It also supports SharePoint 2010 workflow, approval and review, and enables users to integrate their SharePoint calendar into their BlackBerry calendar.


SilverDust v2.4 for BlackBerry

SharePoint 2010 Access

SoftArtisan also says it has improved a few features to make access to SharePoint easier. These improvements include:

  • Client Upgrades that maintains provisioned portals, bookmarks, recent files and local file modifications
  • Simple Server Upgrades
  • Wifi Support
  • Improved Active Directory Support including recursive AD groups
  • Better user lookup Search for users more Active Directory fields
  • Better performance dealing with large lists in lookup column

BlackBerry and Smartphones

RIM’s commitment to improving BlackBerry is not just a cosmetic exercise but one that is important for its standing in the smartphone market.

With Android's market share set to surge over the next four years according to the recent IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, all the others are trying to hold on to what they have.

For BlackBerry, there will be little change in market share between now and 2014, but it can’t stay still and needs to keep upgrading if they are to keep the attention of a market that is expected to grow by 14.1% this year.

According to the report, between the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Torch, and HTC Evo 4G, 269.6 million smartphones will be sold this year, compared with 173.5 million last year.