Web media is changing and video and interactivity are growing at such a rapid rate many cutting edge companies are following the trend with new product development. Adobe Systems Incorporated has released a sneak peek of three applications in beta stages still. Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Soundbooth are now available for free download in a sneak peek beta version. Considering the fact that Adobe CS3 was released only a couple short years ago, Adobe’s recent releases show a definite rapidly changing ideal about the web and the applications necessary to stay cutting edge. By releasing Dreamweaver (for web design and development), Fireworks (for prototypes), and Soundbooth (for audio), Adobe is illustrating a commitment to integrate their applications according to what is happening on the web. And they are letting the public in on it early. Coming straight out of Adobe Labs, all three of these betas are available for immediate download. Once downloaded and launched, the betas will be active for 48 hours after which time only Creative Suite 3 customers will have an extended ability to use the betas until the next release of Creative Suite becomes available. So be aware of the time limits when you are launching the programs. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to Adobe for further development.

Dreamweaver Beta New Features


* Live View – No more having to open your browser to preview pages live, you can do it in Dreamweaver. * Related Files – A bar at the top of your document that shows all files related to that page. * Code Navigator – A pop-up that shows you all the code sources that affect your selection. * CSS best practices – A new CSS tool that gives tool tips in plain English explanations of CSS principles. * Code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks – Built in hints for JavaScript and Ajax * Photoshop Smart Objects – New Photoshop integration with drag and drop smart objects. * New user interface – A new and improved interface.

Fireworks Beta New Features


* New user interface – Navigate between Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Fireworks with ease. * CSS and Images Export – Design complete web pages and export complete with images and stylesheet. * PDF export – Direct PDF generation from within Fireworks * Live Style improvements – Update styles live across the board. * Adobe Type Engine – The same engine in Photoshop and Illustrator is now in Fireworks * AIR authoring – Create AIR prototypes ready to deploy in HTML, Flex or Flash

Soundbooth Beta New Features


* Arrange audio files on multiple tracks * Make quick edits and applying fades * Match volume levels with a single command * Remove unwanted noises and background sounds * Adjust tempo and pitch * Record and polish voice-overs * Add effects and filters * Preview MP3 compression quality * Easily create customized music — without musical expertise

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