Antenna Extends Mobile Platform, Adds Mobile Commerce via Volantis Acquisition

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Antenna Acquires Volantis; Focuses on End-to-End Mobile Solutions
The last time we talked about Antenna Software, the mobile enterprise solutions provider had just introduced its collection of mobile apps into the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) Approvals Suite. Today, they announced their acquisition of the mobile Internet software company, Volantis Systems Ltd.  As a result, Antenna will begin to leverage itself as a complete end-to-end mobile solutions provider for enterprises and carriers.

Now, they can start to meet the needs of all types of consumers, from smartphones to tablet devices, within and outside the enterprise. As 2011 begins with a heightened focus on mobile, Antenna’s acquisition affords them a unique position to capitalize on the exploding growth of both mobile web users and mobile applications.

Content Creation & Distribution Across Multiple Mobile Platforms

As a global leader in mobile internet software solutions, Volantis brings with it mobile data services to over 1.6 billion consumers, as well as an application development platform (for both mobile commerce and enterprise app stores) that can create and distribute content in any form across any internet enabled device. Combined with Antenna’s ability to develop human-centered apps that run on any mobile device, anywhere, the partnership makes it possible to offer a significantly broader range of mobile web solutions.

Learning Opportunities

While existing customers of both companies will continue to provide full support, the new generation Antenna + Volantis users will benefit from being able to access a single provider for all their mobility needs, be it managing the complex requirements of a mobile workforce or the demands of customers who want to be able to connect with a brand across a variety of devices and platforms.

A Key Player in the Mobile Enterprise

The depth of both companies' customer base, including T-Mobile, IBM, AT&T, as well as ETrade, DirectTV and Xerox, positions their services and applications across many industries and products. By making the mobile web accessible and functional, Antenna aims to prove it can be a key player in the mobile enterprise.