Experts predicted that mobile was going to be huge in 2011, and they were right. Accordingly, we're giving the topic some extra love this month. Read on for tips on how to adjust, engage and manage. 

  • Enterprise Content Mobility: The Marriage of ECM and Mobile Technology. In 2011, mobile computing and smartphones will become more and more popular portals to enterprise knowledge. Finding an ECM solution that combines the flexibility of mobile devices with the security and manageability of centralized control is vital to success.

  • Mobile is a Key Channel for 2011, But What Should You Do With it?. Although it did not top the list of organizational priorities for 2011, mobile is still seen by everyone as an important channel that cannot be ignored. The question thus becomes, should you do a mobile project this year? And if yes, what should you do?

  • Enabling A Mobile Workforce: Technology is Not Enough. When folks talk about mobility and the enterprise, they most often mean mobile technology — smartphones, mobile-enabled websites, downloadable apps and so on. But mobility should be viewed much more broadly than this, because mobile technology is not an end in itself, it’s simply the means to an end (i.e. enabling a mobile workforce).

  • Looked at in this way, the key challenges facing organizations around mobility are not primarily technological, they’re organizational and revolve around three questions. 

  • Your Best Advice: How To Get Management to Invest in Mobile Strategies. There are many ways to influence decision makers to adopt a mobile strategy and everyone who's been there usually has a story to tell and some great advice to pass on.

  • So we ask you to share your best advice: What advice would you give to others who are not yet convinced to invest in the mobile enterprise?

And in Other Expert Advice...

  • Enterprise Collaboration: Pilot Project or All In?. So your organization is finally ready to go ahead with that enterprise collaborative initiative its been talking about doing for around a year, great! Do you try implementing with a pilot program or put all your cards on the table and go all in with an organization wide implementation?
  • Enterprise CMS: Tips to Find the Best Solution & Reduce Cost. Over the years, I’ve been involved in a large number of product analysis and vendor competitions with companies looking to purchase enterprise content management. As a result, I’ve noticed a few trends in the decision process that companies undergo and have come to some realizations. The processes are inefficient, time consuming, costly and don’t always produce a solution which addresses the actual needs of the companies’ objectives.
  • BPM or CMS Platform? Design Principles to Manage Your Business Processes. You are defining your business processes and you need to decide: do you use a BPM System or implement your processes within your content management system? The answer is likely both. Here are some design principles you can follow to manage your business processes.
  • Web CMS Product Demos Can Ease Technology Expectations. A picture paints a thousand words, a demo easily paints a thousand pictures, especially when it comes to a web content management system.
  • Small Business Intranets, There's More Than SharePoint. Many organizations cannot afford $50 to 150 per user for a top flight intranet. Enterprise content management systems (ECMSs) and portals such as SharePoint, and the like, traditionally cost a pretty penny up front, and a shocking amount in annual licensing, support, maintenance and staffing. The costs of these systems have naturally created a niche for small market solutions that have grown and evolved considerably in the past 10 years.