Rarely does an enterprise  just need an app -- they need a service -- so Antenna (news, site) has combined two often-demanded features into one mobile-friendly CRM app.

IBM's Friendly Antenna

Antenna made use of IBM's Impact conference last week to unveil its jointly developed enterprise 2.0 InSales/InCase app, which combines CRM and a customer/case lookup tool so that both mobile customers and business users can view the appropriate data, and have a better idea of their relationship without having to gain access to multiple resources.

InSales/InCase is an example of an app working in both directions, into the enterprise and out to the customer, to improve the response time and satisfaction of both parties. It is also an example of how enterprises can run and support mobile apps/Internet sites while keeping the complex backend structure hidden from users who have no need to get involved.

Available on iPhone and Android, the app is a wide-ranging sales and customer service tool that allows reps to view service and account history, while customers can check their cases – thereby offering both enterprise-facing and direct to customer capabilities in one app.


InCase helps solve problems on the go.

Making an Impact

Antenna's presentation at the Impact event was on how to “Developing a Mobile Application Strategy for Your Business” and discussed the background for the creation of enterprise apps that can provide tangiable benefits, including improving employee effectiveness and customer happiness while dealing with a range of devices.

Antenna keeps its finger on the pulse of mobile activity with its Mobile Internet Attitude reports. The most recent of which showed the mobile Internet usage was up by 17% in the U.S. but poor user experiences and unoptimized sites were keeping a large number of users away. If you're interested in that side of things, there's a frank interview with Antenna's Ken Parmelee, director of app development at IBM's Impact Event.

Antenna's wide range of apps and services include AMP, an all-in-one, enterprise platform to manage, consume, publish and build mobile apps and sites to any device. With markets covering financial services, shopping and social, it helps many companies breach the fragmentation divide to get their apps or information to the mobile user.