More Mobile Web Users, Poor Mobile Internet Experience

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Have you ever wondered how many of us are using the mobile internet? Wonder no more! According to the 2011 Mobile Internet Attitudes Report from Antenna Software, one in five Americans use the mobile Internet every day.

Mobile Web Usage Increases

The survey, which was conducted by YouGov, measured the attitudes, preferences and behaviors of adult consumers in the United States and found that U.S. mobile Internet usage was up 17 percent. Additionally, those surveyed indicated that they use the mobile Internet for staying in touch with friends via instant messaging and social networking platforms.

Learning Opportunities

Barriers to Mobile Web Adoption

But it’s not all chats and updates. No, mobile Internet users still suffer from a poor user experience, which could be keeping them from further mobile adoption. In fact, half of those surveyed failed to use the mobile Internet, even with access to it on their smartphone. However, nearly half of U.S. consumers with mobile Internet access said that they would be more likely to use the mobile web if it were comparable to their desktop experience. Additionally, 27 percent of American consumers said they were discouraged from using the mobile Internet by websites that are not optimized for mobile screens.

Clearly, the mobile web needs to do more to attract users who can successfully navigate and access the sites they want. Until then, mobile applications may gain more users because they are able to provide a better, more user-friendly interface. With more smartphone users than ever before, designing for the mobile web is no longer optional: It’s essential to promoting your brand across platforms so as to make the customer experience as seamless as possible.