5 Tips to Improve Your Customer's Mobile Experience

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This year the customer experience is practically interchangeable with the mobile experience. Thank goodness then that OpinionLab unveiled five tips designed to help companies improve the mobile experience and attract new customers.

Listen, Learn & Leverage

Because OpinionLab specializes in voice-of-customer (VOC) listening technologies they have the pulse of the customer at their fingertips. From the vast amounts of customer comments on mobile experience collected from their opt-in customer-feedback system, you can now improve your mobile initiatives.

1. Focus on User Experience

Start from the very beginning. Think about what you want your user, be it a customer or employee, to do once engaged. Then listen to your customers. From buttons to scroll functionality, minor details can affect general usability in big ways.

2. Mobile Web v. App

Like Jim Balsillie, mobile apps are not for everyone. Do your research and weigh the pros and cons: Mobile websites have mass appeal and can be accessed across all types of mobile devices, but while mobile apps reach fewer people than mobile websites, for many businesses it provides consumers with a unique, focused experience exclusive to smartphones.

3. Don’t Streamline, Prioritize

Mobile websites shouldn’t be watered down versions of your full site. While they should be easier to navigate from a mobile device, it shouldn’t strip out some of the key features of your main website. Learn what makes your website successful and include those elements no matter the interface.

Learning Opportunities

4. Leaverage Free Technologies

Investing in the mobile web doesn’t mean recreating the wheel. It means using what works, which sometimes includes free applications and platforms, like Foursquare and Facebook Places to help promote brands and company discounts.

5. Set Benchmarks

Before implementing any mobile initiative, take a step back and carefully consider what can and should be measured. Experts can hypothesize what works best across industries, but only you know what works best for your company. Determine the metrics that address all channels of your brand, like customer engagement, and define the parameters necessary to apply measures accordingly.

While talking about your mobile strategy and implementing a mobile strategy are two different things, these five tips can help guide the way your mobile strategy is defined.