Do You Listen and Engage With Your Customers? You Should Be

2 minute read
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As more and more companies engage their customers across social media platforms, they are realizing that it takes more than a dedicated staff to monitor their online presence. Thanks to Social Media Monitor, an advanced solution released by OpinionLab, companies have a way to capture and analyze consumers’ social media conversations.

Empowering Your Customer

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of monitoring what people are saying about your company, its products and the service provided, but with OpinionLab, companies can listen to the voice of their customers. With tools needed to quantify, understand and take action on a vast range of consumer conversations, not only can companies track trends, they can learn how to better understand how to translate consumer conversations and how they are affecting their brand.

Just as there are empowered employees, empowered customers can help companies innovate. By identifying and engaging with social influencers, organizations can improve product development and measure their efficiency in reaching key target audiences.

Monitor, Engage and Act

So how does OpinionLab do it? By building upon a depot of information including over nine billion social media mentions, blog entries, tweets, posts and conversations, which include more than 35 million results collected each day. With such depth, companies can also see the history and evolution of consumer conversations.

Learning Opportunities

However, it’s not just about passively tracking your customers, OpinionLab understands that taking an active approach is important as well. Because consumers today like to interact with their favorite brands, Social Media Monitor invites customers to actively engage by submitting feedback through an opt-in comment card, which allows companies to gather, analyze and react to feedback in real time.

The next time you’re wondering what your customers are saying, there’s a way to find out.