A new research brief from Big Blue Moose, a digital media and consulting firm, tells us that SaaS solutions for Online Marketing have grown in popularity and will continue to do even better in 2011.

Online Marketing via the Cloud

The research report, underwritten by CrownPeak, is called "Marketing From The Cloud, How Digital Marketers Are Using SaaS Based Software Tools". It's not a huge survey, 105 managers responsible for Digital Marketing, but the responses fall in line with what others are saying and what vendors are focusing on.

Of those surveyed, 100% are using at least one SaaS based solution for Digital Marketing. Part of the reason for the increased popularity in SaaS is the effect of the recession. Another one, even more important, is the understanding that to be successful today, organizations need to move quickly and address their customers in real-time. SaaS solutions are supposed to help with both.


SaaS Based Use of Digital Marketing Tools

In addition, it seems that Web Analytics is the drive to SaaS solutions with Web Content Management close behind. And these two tools will continue to be core drivers of Online Marketing initiatives. But according to the report, there are two additional tools that will take high priority in 2011: Testing and Targeting.

The Proof Is With the Vendors

Is it true that many organizations are looking to SaaS offerings for online marketing initiatives? If you look at what's happening with many of the online marketing vendors, you would be inclined to believe it's true.

  • Sitecore has made their Web CMS cloud-ready. They also offer the Online Marketing Suite of which analytics, testing and targeting tools are key components.
  • Clickability, a pure SaaS vendor of web content management, including a number of online marketing tools, made Gartner's 2010 Magic Quadrant list for WCM (they needed to have some impressive revenues to make that list).
  • Alterian recently headed to the cloud with their solution for Web Engagement Management.
  • Omniture and Facebook teamed up to provide detailed analytics for your Facebook marketing

These are just a few of things pointing to the growing presence of SaaS solutions in Online Marketing. There are likely many others.

If you are interested in learning about the report, you can download it here.