Awareness Lets Users Manipulate Data From Social Campaigns With Social Intelligence Dashboard
It's rare for businesses today not to do some social media marketing for promotions and online engagement, but not everyone knows how to actually use the data gathered from these activities. Awareness, Inc., (news, site) creator of Social Marketing Hub, has recently launched a reporting module that gives access to detailed analysis for social marketing data.

The Social Marketing Challenge

Awareness cites the importance of measuring ROI from social media, which is among the top focus of social strategists in 2011. An analysis by Altimeter finds that about half of corporate social strategists are struggling to measure data from social activities, and recognize the need for better analytics, which Awareness addresses. The Social Marketing Hub integrates data from various sources, including CRM, email, web analytics platforms and social media platforms. This way, enterprises can stop guessing, and instead better determine the real value of their social activities.

Awareness' update provides two ways for determining value: Through the Social Intelligence Dashboard and through data raw reporting.

Analyze Value With Drag-and-Drop Ease

How wide is your reach? How active are your conversations? How influential is your brand? These are just a few of the things that Social Intelligence Dashboard can help answer. Social Intelligence Dashboard is the newest module available for Social Marketing Hub, and it gives users more control over how data is manipulated into reports.

The module can analyze data from various social sources from the Social Marketing Hub, as well as non-social sources, such as, Omniture and Google Analytics. Reports can be designed and output through popular formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Some examples of the information Social Intelligence Dashboard can provide include:

  • Social campaigns that provide the most revenue
  • Users, channels or posts that generate the most conversations
  • Determining the contextual influencers in your field, and how these can be targeted
  • Viral effects of your social marketing campaigns
  • Channels, posts and authors that deliver the most clickthroughs and conversions
  • Top-producing authors and channels

Dashboard provides other custom reports, which can be manipulated with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Using Raw Data

For better flexibility, Awareness also gives users the option of accessing and manipnulating raw social media data. This involves Awareness' cloud-based service for storing data on contacts, content, comments and sentiment on their own datacenters. Users can then download the data for generating reports on their own business intelligence tools. Awareness promises security and privacy, and runs regular backups to ensure data integrity.

Awareness says there is no need to implement APIs to gain access to the raw information, as this can be accessed via an MySQL database.