mobiSiteGalore - Building websites with your mobile device
Building a mobile website is not as simple as one would imagine, but mobiSiteGalore wants to change that. This service allows users to build mobile websites for free with a simple interface. However, what makes mobiSiteGalore truly special is that the site building can be performed directly from a mobile device.

The Mobile Web

Mobile Websites are sites that are designed with mobile devices in mind -- small screens, slower loading times and design limitations are things to watch out for. Unfortunately, cell phone browsing has not received as much loving as full-fledged desktop computers, especially when considering the recent release of Google Chrome. But things are still progressing.On the flip side, content producers have noticed that mobile browsing is still very limited and this usually results in many content producers passing up the opportunity to build mobile versions of their sites. Again, progress is being made -- the iPhone has certainly convinced many tech-savvy and Web 2.0 oriented sites to build sites specifically for the iPhone -- but it is questionable as to why the telecommunication companies like crippling their phones.Some have gone as far to state that the mobile Web is dead while others say that its best days are yet to come. Well, it is quite obvious as to which side mobiSiteGalore is on.

Mobile Website Design with MobiSiteGalore

The mobiSiteGalore service is empowering people to create mobile content with mobile technology. Anyone with a simple Internet connection through their cellular device can connect to the service and begin building a free mobile Website. The company is very proud of this achievement and they hope that users will build mobile Websites.Some features of mobiSiteGalore include the ability to add feedback form pages, hit counters and images. In addition, each mobile Website is backed up and saved automatically, and the site can be rolled back to previous versions. Finally, each Website is guaranteed by mobiSiteGalore to work fine on any mobile device "because mobiSiteGalore is 100% compliant with the standards for the mobile web that are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium ("
mobiSiteGalore Mobile Website design

The mobiSiteGalore Site Builder
S. Prashanth, CEO of mobiSiteGalore, believes that the 3-billion mobile phone users around the world will begin creating mobile sites that will outnumber regular "PC" sites. One could argue that there are hundreds of thousands of spam blogs (splogs) around as well, and that doesn't necessarily equate to a good thing. Regardless, there is legitimate reasoning to believe that mobile phone browsing will become vastly more important unless browsers like Safari, which is on the iPhone, are created and used for mobile devices.The mobiSiteGalore service is free for use and the sites are said to be free forever. These sites can be edited on a mobile browser or computer, and they are, again, guaranteed to work for mobile browsers. In the end, perhaps this SaaS solution will reinvigorate the mobile Web after all.