Conduit (news, site) brings its app platform to the mobile market with a big unveiling at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

From Browsers to Mobiles

Conduit spent last year going after the browser app market in a big way. In 2011, it is going after the mobile app market. By offering its Mobile Platform as a way for anyone to create an app in a build-once, deploy anywhere model, it hopes to take advantage of the stellar app volume and sales numbers being reported, and the interest from those with no background in app development.

This sort of move shouldn't comes as a surprise any more. Recent figures have shown that the PC market is now being outstripped by smartphones (IDC numbers say 101 million smartphones vs. 92 million PCs were sold in the last three months). With that sort of momentum, everyone's attention seems to be moving away from the desktop beyond core computing tasks.

Everybody Ought to Have an App

From iPhones to Androids and tablet devices plus other competitors, app development provides a way to push your company's data to users, to extend a marketing campaign or create a whole new product. Conduit's Mobile Platform takes advantage of the company's experience in app development tools and a network to help clients create their own app.

Customers will be able to develop, publish and promote their app in whatever market or store they see fit. Almost anyone can develop the app, regardless of design and development experience, using the platform linking in their own data, video content or other existing resources. Once complete, the app can be pushed to Apple's App Store, Android, BlackBerry or other store.

While most of the detail is on hold until the launch in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (starting on February 14), some information is available. For example, the platform features an analytics tool to show how your app would perform on particular devices, to keep developers from creating experiences that are more likely to frustrate users rather than enlighten or entertain.

Any App, Anywhere

Apps can be rich in both content and design. The Conduit Network already features more than 250,000 clients and has hundreds of millions of people using its apps. Apps are free to develop and can be tied in to social networks to help them proliferate.

From marketing tools for big brands to neat time savers for valued clients of SMBs, there is little reason not to try an app and see what it can do for your business. If you want some inspiration, check out the existing web app store. If you are attending MWC, visit Conduit at booth #2F29.