Coveo Brings Enterprise Search Expertise to Email
Coveo (news, site), a player in advanced search technology, wants to make your e-mail life easier.

Their new enterprise e-mail search tool aims to makes mincemeat of traditional desktop only solutions by enabling employees to search all e-mail and attachments, regardless of where they are stored, or even if the user is online.

Something Old, Something New

The new Coveo Enterprise Email Search module includes elements of the Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0 platform. Coveo CES 6.0 initially graced us with its presence back in May. The tool allows users to access information without having to know where the document was previously stored. By throwing these capabilities in the mix with e-mail search, Coveo enables users to discover the "previously undiscoverable": content within PST files on the desktops and laptops of all employees, combined with all e-mail archive content.

As for permissions, Coveo says they are self-service for system admins through the Coveo Enterprise Search Admin Dashboard. The rules reside within the content, making security “constant.” Users also have the option of a new module with Coveo Mobile Access, meaning employees can theoretically get the content they need anytime, from anywhere.

“Coveo strives to continually make search easier and more flexible, modular and scalable for our customers,” said Coveo CEO and President Laurent Simoneau. “Our new, Enterprise Email Search module—the latest Coveo innovation—provides […] the ability to customize rules and permissions, for completely secure visibility into billions of emails and attachments, even those on employee desktops.”

Manage That Mail!

To reiterate, the key features they want you to know about in list form:

  • Provide completely unified access to email and attachments regardless of where they are stored, offline within PST files on desktops or laptops, or online within active Exchange or email archiving platforms such as Symantec Enterprise Vault and Quest Archive Manager;
  • Access all unified email sources via user desktop and web interfaces, or mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, including precise navigation within the content using intuitive facets;
  • Retain and access institutional knowledge and goodwill when employees leave, enhancing customer relationships and increasing productivity; and
  • Implement permission-based access to specific email accounts, workgroup or enterprise emails tagged as public, reducing rework, increasing productivity and, particularly for consulting and other knowledge-based organizations, leveraging institutional knowledge to support customer engagements.

(Or if you're a visual person, check out Coveo's demo video here,)

There's at least one happy customer to speak of: “Other solution providers require you to spend tens if not hundreds of thousands in service fees to customise the enterprise search solution and make enterprise search work for your employees,” said Trent Parkhill, VP, Director IT of Haley and Aldrich. “With Coveo [...] enterprise search now meshes seamlessly with classification and email archiving to give us a full email management solution."  

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