Coveo Launches New Highly Scalable Search Solution
It's been an interesting week for enterprise search. First companies couldn't find what their employees knew. Then employees couldn't find what their companies knew. Now today, we announce the launch of Coveo (news, site) Enterprise Search (CES) 6.0, an information access platform that enables businesses to generate a higher return on their assets and mitigate risk.

Access Information Fast

Coveo CES 6.0 allows users to securely access information they need within seconds, when it’s needed, without having to know where the document was previously stored. Coveo enables secure just-in-time access, from a laptop or a smartphone, to the relevant corporate data.

The aim is to help users make better, well-informed decisions, while improving overall business performance and productivity. From meeting a tight deadline, to solving customer help issues and letting sales representatives close deals off-site, clients can search and access resources directly through the customer portal.

Coveo 6.0 Key Features

Some of Coveo Enterprise Search 6.0’s key features include:

  • Improved scalability with up to 50 million documents per server, faster query performance and powerful contextual faceted search.
  • Coveo’s unified view with out-of-the-box ability to create unlimited unified interfaces, providing users with a tabbed search interface for optimized access to information.
  • Deep connectivity, which enables companies to leverage existing and legacy IT assets.
  • New and improved connectors and interfaces such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes,, Open Text LiveLink, Confluence, Quest Archive Manager, SiteCore, Symantec Enterprise Vault, etc.
  • A customizable super-user mode that can be integrated in the search interface for enterprise-wide content discovery across all employee data.
  • Extended capabilities for mobile phones: Contextual faceted search and filtering, added support for intranet (SharePoint, etc) and CRM (, document quick view (for a device friendly, low-bandwidth access to documents), conversation tracking and people search.

The new Coveo CES 6.0 platform provides a combination of enterprise-grade scalability, deep connectivity and security to data repositories and significant performance improvements. Because “corporate information never resides in just one place" Coveo seeks to unify access to enterprise content in a non-restrictive way using a single, contextual user interface.

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