googledocs_logo.jpgNo longer are we limited to just staring at those Google Docs (news, site) on our smartphones, now we can wade in and edit them too.

The Go-Anywhere Edit Suite

Google has been busting its chops, throwing all sorts of features into its Docs office suite. Click on the "New Features" button on the info bar and there seems to be a cool addition every week, from new fonts to image drag-and-drop in a browser. However, editing on the go for enterprise 2.0-types has always been a problem, until now.

Google has just announced an update highlighting the new editing feature for iOS 3.0+ iPhone and iPad devices and Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices and above. Sure, unless you're using a chunky iPad or Android tablet, its unlikely you'll be doing heavy editing, but for the odd tweak, late fix and so on, this is a big leap forward.


Click and Type

All users have to do is click the Edit button and then use the virtual keyboard to get typing. It works on word processor files, spreadsheets and other apps. Android users can benefit from using voice mode to speak any text they want entered.

The feature is being rolled out over the next couple of days, so get ready to access those documents, wherever you happen to be working. If you caught our earlier article on mobile presentations with SlideRocket then you'll know that today has been a pretty good day for office-types that don't want to be stuck in the office.