This week, look with us into the mystic future of Enterprise 2.0. It's scary, volatile, and, if you've been alive for over a decade, very familiar. 

Enterprise 2.0 — Like CMS — But With a Cooler Acronym

Content marketing and digital media consultant Robert Rose lent us his expertise this week in order to discuss the future of the enterprise. Evidently, it looks a lot like content management did back in the late 90's:

"...the idea of empowering enterprise business users with content management had this kind of breathless anticipation," explained Rose. "...the promised benefit of content management empowered non-technical people to collaborate and share more freely across the enterprise."

Sound familiar? Today's emergent social business software platforms promise to do the same thing. Unfortunately, just because it's a road often traveled, doesn't mean we're moving in the right direction-- a fact experts haven't been shy about stating. 

"Regardless of what you’re told by the E2.0 mavens, business has far more pressing problems," wrote Dennis Howlett of ZDNet in his infamous article, "Enterprise 2.0: what a crock". "The world is NOT made up of knowledge driven businesses. It’s made up of a myriad of design, make and buy people who -quite frankly - don’t give a damn about the ‘emergent nature‘ of enterprise."

Others, like Rose, have a bit more hope. After all, CMS didn't turn out to be a crock, right? Check out his two lessons to keep in mind as the E2.0 space evolves/devolves here

Is SharePoint 2010's DAM Good Enough for Your Organization?

While the brand itself carries a lot of weight, consultant Mike Ferrara does well to wonder whether or not SharePoint is the right solution for your organization. Speaking specifically of Digital Asset Management, Ferrara says identifying your organization's core requirements is the first step.

"If you're looking for an experience that is designed specifically for digital media with a lot of advanced options, then SharePoint is not going to give you that OOTB, he writes. "But if you're like most, then your goal is to make sure your investment in SharePoint has something to offer your users for their digital content."

Ferrara lists both the pros (asset libraries and the new digital media content types for images, audio and video) and the limitations (Silverlight is required, no auto-detection of metadata, no support for thumbnails) of using SharePoint for DAM here

NewsGator Goes Global With Social Sites 2010

Speaking of SharePoint, this week NewsGator kicked out version 1.1 of Social Sites 2010. The updates advance SP2010's  social capabilities, which, are better than they've ever been, but still lacking in a lot of areas. Specifically, NewsGator adds perks such as microblogging, innovation management and communities:

 NewsGator Social Sites 1.1

Further, NewsGator Social Sites 1.1 adds an updated activity stream, new mini profile cards, new Web parts, and broadcast options. Check out the details here

10 Innovative Software Companies to Watch

Lastly, a quote from Michael Fauscette, group vice president, Software Business Solutions, IDC:

"Business has changed. The social web, cloud delivery models, and an increased use of mobile in the enterprise are all impacting businesses and the enterprise application software needed to facilitate business change…"

Accordingly, IDC recently named ten companies under US$ 100 million to keep an eye on: 

  • Antenna Software
  • Appirio
  • CloudShare
  • CyberShift
  • INgage Networks
  • InsideView
  • Lithium Technologies
  • Mobisoft Corporation
  • Private Social Networks
  • Zuora

These players were identified by their demonstration of one or more of the following three key trends:

Social Business Solutions: Enterprise collaboration was a huge topic for us last month, and it continues to be a huge topic in the business space. E2.0-level social solutions support communities, blogs, microblogs, etc.

Enterprise Application Vendors Go-to-Market Strategies: This area includes unique channel partner models, cloudsourcing models, and SaaS offerings.

Mobile Enterprise Applications: Mobile enterprise software applications and platforms provide access to enterprise systems and processes for the increasing number of on-the-go employees.