This week in the enterprise, Amazon took a look at what could have caused last week's detrimental outage while its customers picked up the pieces and moved on with their digital lives. Meanwhile, a certain little green martian zoomed ahead of the iPhone in the mobile race.

Amazon Promises Full Inquiry into EC2/AWS Outage; Affected Services Comment

Now that Amazon's status page is healthy again, the company is taking the time to analyze and reflect on what went wrong in the enterprise 2.0 world at its North Virginia data center.

The outage killed a number of small but popular sites, including foursquare and Reddit, while many Amazon business users lost access to their data. Overall, the outage left a fraction (0.07%) of the total affected data unrecoverable.

For Amazon and its customers -- and any business that uses cloud services for that matter -- there are obvious lessons to learn here. Some basic questions that need to be asked include:

  • Do we have a valid backup system? Is it working?
  • Do we have an alternate cloud or local data store/service? If not, can we start finding one?
  • If our cloud services failed, what parts of our business could continue?
  • If our site/service failed, how do we reach out to customers?
  • What is our service-level agreement and do we need to change it?

This specific outage is unlikely to happen again on Amazon's watch, but something similar at another provider or service will certainly occur every now and again. If you're part of a Web business, hopefully you're able to answer all of the questions above positively. If not, it might be time to get crackin'.

Eqentia Offers Enterprises Self-Service News Aggregation

This week we introduced you all to a different sort of news reader. Unlike most popular content aggregators today, Eqentia's platform focuses on special purpose rather than general purpose. In other words, don't expect to see a typical, serendipitous stream of Facebook Likes and related Tweets.

“We focus on content relevancy first, then we find out its popularity in social media next," explained the company's founder and CEO, William Mougayar. "Therefore, we’re not a social media aggregator; rather, we’re a smart aggregator that knows about social media attention.”

To get started, users select Portals to follow, which are basically streams focused on any given topic. These portals combine articles from 35,000 global sources with context-specific and real-time Twitter streams, integrate customizable filters, and display the weight of each individual piece of content in the social media world (number of Tweets, Likes, LinkedIn posts):

Eqentia Mobile Web 2011-04-27.jpg

Interested? See more here.

Android Surpasses iPhone

Watch out, Apple! This week Android surpassed iPhone in buyer desirability. A recent Neilsen survey found that 31% of people are planning on getting an Android, which is just a hair ahead of the 30% going after the iPhone.

Sure, it's not much of an advantage, but it's a sign that times and trends are changing.

Before you buys out your green pom poms, though, consider the upcoming iPhone 5 launch, as well as the Nokia/Windows alliance.

SharePoint & the iPad, a Tale of Two Platforms

Welcome to the age of the iPad and cloud computing. According to Gartner, tablets sales this year will reach more than 50 million units, and more than 100 million by 2012. When compared to the 19.7 million sold in 2010 (also according to Gartner) the figures speak for themselves.

Of course if you use SharePoint 2010, you might not be as excited. In this article, Gabriel Lopez, Founder and Executive Director of SouthLabs, reviews your options for using SharePoint on the iPad.