Today's customer is jacked up on social media, demanding -- and deserving -- the immediacy promoted by popular real time platforms across more than just online communities. In other words, when today's customer engages with a business, they expect an instantaneous response. Consequently, Social CRM is the Enterprise's new favorite friend. 

Tying the Outside to the Inside: Social CRM + E2.0, the Social Business

But don't take our word for it. This week we have some words from software industry analyst and group vice president at IDC, Michael Fauscette: "Social CRM and programs that deal with the “social customer” are the new “black” this year. And why not, every business wants to get closer to its customers, right? The question is, is your organization ready to be social?"

To start, Fauscette touches on the makings of today's social customer, and why they're so much easier to lose than what we've been used to in past decades:

It seems that in the age where anyone can have an online voice the level of tolerance for company policies and procedures that in the past were common place has gone way down. And by the way, that voice can be extremely loud and have a very wide reach. Maybe we’ve just learned that we have more choices and that the transparency and openness that we’re adopting needs to apply to companies as well.

Next, he questions whether your business is ever ready for the social customer. (Do you already have a social CRM system in place? Let's hope so.) After all, most businesses are slowly creeping out of industrial caves and this new social upswing is like a big, glaring sun. 

Finally, it's about connecting the inside and the outside

Social CRM Meets Enterprise 2.0 in New Engagement Model

As if they read Fauscette's mind, the team behind Moxie Software took this week's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara as an opportunity to reveal their efforts, in conjunction with IDEO, to break down the walls between Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM.

Knowledgebase, the company's public space for knowledge articles, has been extended to Moxie's Employee Engagement Spaces product. With integrated access to Knowledgebase, CRM and Enterprise 2.0 capabilities get close and personal by way of co-creation, capture, and knowledge sharing between employees, partners and customers.

The benefit of linking an enterprise's support community and employee engagement solution is great for both sides of the coin — customers get their issues resolved faster and more effectively, while employees and partners gain a better understanding of customer needs and challenges. In other words, it ties the inside to the outside. 

Check it out here

Socialtext 4.5 Searches Metadata & Connects

Socialtext (news, site) also displayed its tail feathers at this year's E2.0 conference by debuting Socialtext 4.5. The polestar of the new version is certainly the connector, which attempts to bridge information silos in a visual way. That is, it enables Socialtext customers to choose actions performed from within and inject them as events into the Socialtext activity stream:


From there, employees from all walks of the company can discuss, collaborate, and take action (effectively making CRM more social).

The second act is Socialtext Explore,  which makes the platform searchable -- by tag, person, group, date range -- thanks to the attachment of metadata to each action. This addition both enables users to find old links, messages, pages, etc. and  promotes the discovery of related information.

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