Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Telligent Enterprise 3.0, SharePoint 3.0 and Tibbr 3.0 Make Waves

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Perhaps we need to change our Enterprise 2.0 roll-up to the Enterprise 3.0 roll-up? This week Telligent Enterprise 3.0, harmon.ie 3.0 for SharePoint 3.0 and Tibbr 3.0 all hit the market with new features. 

Telligent Enterprise 3.0: A Social Layer that Marries Business & IT

Telligent introduced its official social layer this week — a combination of the new Telligent Enterprise 3.0 suite and Telligent Evolution 6.0 platform. Offerings include: 

  • Social applications integrated under one umbrella
  • User experience designed for empowering the developer and the designer through a new Widget Studio and Theme Studio
  • E-mail integration enhanced with support for summarized digests
  • Continued enhancements of native mobile capabilities
  • A set of APIs that, once published, do not change.

"This is an innovative solution to the segmented ways organizations have historically interacted with their employees, customers and partners," continued Howard. "We have solved the problem by providing a single platform that can act as the social glue necessary to bind the various islands of information around which enterprises have invested."

Unsurprisingly, Telligent's social business layer push reflects some recent words from Chris Morace, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Jive Software — a major Telligent competitor. He spoke at this year's Enterprise 2.0 conference, noting how many developers realized there would be one major social network when Facebook revealed the Open Graph: "I'm not saying that's going to be the same thing in the Enterprise, I think that we're far from that place happening, but I think those same forces are at work. I think there's going to be a handful of winners."

Build Your Enterprise Collaboration Social Graph with Harmon.ie for Sharepoint 3.0 

While many consider the social graph and Sharepoint to be opposites, thanks to harmon.ie Sharepoint 3.0 just got more socially adept. 

Specifically, harmon.ie for Sharepoint 3.0 allows users to collaborate with colleagues and external contacts without leaving the e-mail interface. New features aim to simulate your coworker’s presence, even if they’re across the room, down the road or halfway around the world.

Users can also share documents and track document updates; connect with colleagues and check their real-time status and initiate phone/chat/video/email communications — all the while building their enterprise social graph.

Ultimately the goal is to connect people by eliminating complex navigation. 

Tibbr 3.0 Transforms Social Computing, Unifies Communications

This week tibbr 3.0 was launched with a pile of features that aim to transform the enterprise.

For starters, tibCast combines social, video conferencing, desktop sharing and archiving into one package and delivers it in the relevant context — right on your wall. Users can respond to posts by starting a video conferencing session, and tune in the relevant people to live discussions.

tibCast allows switching to desktop sharing, as well as recording and storing of the session to be posted afterward. Add tibVoice into the equation, and you canpost a voice memo on a specific subject, giving you a static-free microphone to share your ideas, loud and clear.

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tibbr 3.0 also adds an “Act” button, which adds more action to the Facebook Like and Google +1 concepts. By acting on information right within tibbr, users can approve a purchase order or order more inventory for a popular item without leaving tibbr.

Cloud Sherpas Slams Microsoft & Acquires Beloit to Spread Google Apps Love

Cloud Sherpas continued its mission to spread Google Apps adoption this week with the acquisition of Beloit Solutions Group. Hot on the heels of attaining Omnetic, the move also aims to strengthen Google presence in what is largely considered Microsoft territory as the giants continue to throw below-the-belt punches at one another.

Numerically speaking, Cloud Sherpas has singlehandedly migrated over 800,000 users to Google Apps over the past three years, while Beloit has accumulated tens of thousands of Google Apps users both in the Midwest and nationally.

Along with Omnetic's help, Cloud Sherpas has now successfully migrated over one million business "seats" to the Google Apps cloud platform.

Cloud Sherpas has gone the extra mile as a Google Apps reseller for some time now. The startup, which is reportedly one of the most installed applications in the Google Apps Marketplace, recently took a swing at some negative publicity, for example. Microsoft released a white paper calling out some of the hidden costs of Google Apps. Cloud Sherpas fired back by claiming that while all IT solutions have costs beyond licensing, the specifics of the white paper were highly exaggerated (more on that here). 


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