Houston, we've had a problem. After years of much talk and little action with regards to information overload, the zero hour is finally upon us. Experts say if we don't take action now, it's game over. 

From Information Overload to Information Breaking Point

LexisNexis’s 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey polled 1,700 white collar workers from five different countries. The questions drilled respondents on their experience of, and attitudes toward, information in the workplace.

To say the results were dismal across the board would be a serious understatement. In addition to admitting that they delete communications before fully reading them, professionals from each country reported that the following scenarios happen at least once a week:

  • Employees deliver incomplete documents, e-mails or other communications because the necessary information or materials could not be found on time.
  • Employees experience trouble recreating how time was spent for billing purposes.
  • Employees must recreate a document because a previously-created version could not be found.
  • A deadline is missed because of trouble finding necessary information.
  • A meeting or appointment is missed because of scheduling miscommunications.

"The heavy toll on employee morale and productivity will eventually come to bear on the bottom line," admonished LexisNexis President and CEO of Legal Markets, Mike Walsh. "Ultimately, the resulting problems for firms could range anywhere from lost productivity and profits to lost talent." 

But lo! There exists yet a path to a more glorious day! It's called e-mail management, and if you're not utilizing it, you might as well be attacking your own feet.

We've highlighted some particularly cool solutions (as well as more doom and gloom from the experts) here

Google Docs Adds Drag-and-Drop Uploads

To the delight of many, many people, Google has extended their drag-and-drop image insertion feature to include uploads. For Google users, moving documents to the cloud has never been easier:

Google Docs drag-and-drop uploads

Plenty of other applications currently offer drag-and-drop uploads, but this late-in-the-game addition complements the Internet giant's push to get everything off the desktop (a.k.a. out of Microsoft Office).

More on that here

Yammer Triples Team, Lands US$ 25 Million in Funding

Yammer scored another US$ 25 million in funding, totaling their pot to a comfortable US$ 40 million.

This round was led by U.S. Venture Partners, along with Emergence Capital, Charles River Ventures and Founders Fund, and will reportedly be used to expand globally and triple the marketing team.

Evidently nobody's happier about this than Yammer CEO David Sacks, who recently called out Salesforce for making their Chatter platform free of charge: “The fact that Salesforce has to copy Yammer even though it has 2,000 sales reps is like Goliath dropping his sword and armor and chasing after David with a sling-shot. This funding will make sure they don’t catch up to us." 

Anything to add, Salesfoce?

Kwaga: Real Time Email Intelligence for Gmail and iPhone

Circling back to that whole e-mail overload disaster, as well as the future takeover of mobile devices, here's a great solution from Kwaga: Kwaga Context and SmarterEmails combine smart semantic processing with your personal rules and preferences in order to take the pain out of your inbox:

Check out more of the deets here