Enterprise Connect Offers Support for More File Formats, Improved SDK

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Open Text (news, site) reveals a new edition of its content service tool, Enterprise Connect. The latest version continues to improve upon the user experience, adding support for more document file formats and an improved SDK.

Opening Up To The Social Side

Open Text Enterprise Connect uses a plug-in architecture to help companies quickly provide users with content-enabled applications aided by single-sign-on technology.

Just a few months ago, we saw an update of Enterprise Connect that added support for SharePoint and eDocs. Now, version 1.5 has arrived from Canada, improving both the user experience and developer's work efforts.

Improved User Experience

Enterprise Connect from the user's perspective helps them access and interact with business content directly from common business applications, like SharePoint, Outlook, Office and eDocs.

They can drag and drop files and data from multiple data stores. Federated search helps users find data from a wider range of sources while improved metadata classifications will help make finding the right data easier.


First up is an improved software development kit (SDK), offering C++ and .NET base classes, source documentation and tools. This allows your company's coders to create slick and attractive looking applications and interfaces for staff to use that seamlessly back on to Open Text resources.

Learning Opportunities

Support for 200 File Formats

Enterprise Connect can now also read over 200 different file formats. The document viewer helps to  remove the need for all users to have a raft of different applications or individual document viewers cluttering up their systems.

Create Compliant Documents

Additionally, it adds support so that eDOCS DM users can create Department of Defense standard 5015.2-compliant records, essential for those military-aligned customers.

Take In A Show

Open Text users, or those with an interest in adopting the system can find out more about these updates, and wider ECM and ROI issues at the upcoming Open Text Content World event.

This is being held in Orlando from October 25-30. With courses, workshops, a conference and head-to-head meetings, it looks to promise a busy week.