eTouch Updates Enterprise Wiki, Adds Custom Dashboards
The new version of SamePage (news, site) adds a host of features designed for both the remote employee and those who live on their company intranet.

Stick to the Script

SamePage 4.2 from eTouch is a major update to the popular enterprise wiki product. SamePage has been putting itself on other online stores over the year and now has a big new bag tricks to attract new customers and encourage existing ones to do more with the product.

Customized Dashboards

Starting at the top there is a new customizable social media dashboard with a range of views allowing users to pick an ideal view for maximum clarity, adding or removing widgets as needed. For example, you can add and configure RSS widgets for different feeds and configure each one.

There are also a number of themes users can apply to give their SamePage a different look (if you see what we mean). Administrators in Enterprise 2.0 focused businesses can choose what widgets users can have access to.

At the same time, the plug-ins can be used by the in-house development team to create custom functions for the users, such as ones that tie into bespoke software or access databases or Web scripts.

The number and scope of plug-ins has been improved in the new version including cloud support and tools for members of groups.


Create a custom dash to manage your social connections

Support for Office 2007 and Analytics

There are also improvements when working with SamePage, starting with support for Microsoft Office 2007 documents. Remote users can now use their smartphones to turn text into wikis. And there are improved analytics features for the bosses to ensure everyone is working properly.

The aim of all these changes is to bring the wiki further into mainstream enterprise culture by making it easier to create, manage and monitor the whole process, even adding a little sprinkling of creativity with the themes to allow users to make themselves feel at home.


Keep tabs on the latest activity and popular searches

With evermore companies getting on the wiki bandwagon, SamePage is adding the tools to attract even the most reticent of user while those happy with the social networking sites of this world should find using SamePage on a par with the consumer social experiences.

There is a free 30-day trial if you remain unconvinced. The full version is available as a hosted on-demand service or installed with different cost points depending on the number of users.