eXo Adds Social Networking, Mashup Development to GateIn Portal
Things have changed a lot for eXo (newssite) since we first covered the open source enterprise CMS vendor back in March of 2009.  With a steady stream of updates and a new partnership with JBoss, it was only a matter of time before the company added some social features to their list of capabilities.

Getting Social with OpenSocial

eXo Social is a new Social package included as part of the eXo Platform. Based on the OpenSocial 0.8.1 specification, it is available as a free download under the AGPL (Affero Gnu Public License).

What functionality comes with eXo's Social package?

  • Enterprise Social Networking including profiles and activity streams
  • Spaces which are like collaboration workspaces
  • Mashup Environment, for Gadget development

An interesting feature in eXo Social is that applications are consider as individuals, so you can view activity streams for a specific application and/or subscribe to get updates to Java and REST-sourced posts and status updates. A developer dashboard is a great example of how this capability is beneficial.

Benjamin Mestrallet, founder and CEO of eXo says of the eXo Social release:

It’s easy to think that eXo Social is ‘yet another social software,’ but we’ve thought through what IT organizations and developers need to turn their enterprise social networking strategy into a reality—particularly for Java enterprises that want to make their transactional Java apps interactive and more socially aware. We’re confident in the package we’ve developed and are making eXo Social available as open source to encourage people to download it and take advantage of the features immediately.”


eXo Social - Activity Streams

eXo Social connects into a company's infrastructure via LDAP integration. This enables the organization to source an eXo Social Network via their company directory, complete with roles and permissions.

Add to eXo and GateIn via OpenSocial Gadgets

There are a number of vendors jumping on board Google's OpenSocial specification and eXo is just the latest (see what Web CMS provider FatWire is doing with OpenSocial). Through eXo Social, organizations can create gadgets using a mashup development environment. These gadgets can be hosted and deployed in a dashboard or community workspace. 

eXo Social is bundled with the JBoss GateIn portal and Tomcat 6.0 out of the box, so you can be up and running adding social capabilities fairly quickly.

Here's an overview of eXo's Social in action:

Getting Started with eXo Social from eXo on Vimeo.