Here's something fun: SAP's first ever virtual reality show. An agency called Page One officially launched an interactive campaign for SAP (news, site), showcasing the power of Web engagement, social media marketing, and what happens when experts put their dukes up. 


Reportapalooza invites 5 experts of SAP Crystal solutions to battle in a “Top Chef" style competition for the best community-generated content using the SAP products:

  • Jim Brogden, Consultant (Data Analyst/Software Engineer) at Daugherty Business Solutions
  • David Deitch, Crystal Reports Developer at PayDay USA
  • Brian Durning, EBI Developer at PepsiCo
  • Jamie Oswald, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Arch Coal, Inc.
  • Mico Yuk, Founder, Xelsius Gurus Network

Pushing for collaboration, the Reportapalooza campaign consists of a series of challenges, each of which require the participant to interact with his or her community in order to create content. Here's how you can participate:

  • Dashboards by request: Experts are challenged to design a practical dashboard. And they want your input.
  • Report hero: Have SAP Crystal solutions ever helped you save the day? Do tell. The number one story gets turned into a collectable poster.
  • Lessons from a reporting maestro: Share your biggest reporting questions for experts to turn into how-to videos.
  • Mystery challenge: Like the bonus track on a CD, you have to keep your ear out for this one.
  • Reporting remix: Experts race to master an SAP Crystal solutions product they don’t know. Follow their progress in tweets and blogs.

Even better: Community members like yourself can participate as well, and prizes include MP3 players and gift certificates. Check the fine print here for more details. 

"Ultimately, the goal of this new interactive microsite is to continue to build quality interaction with the community as well as increase product trials," noted Brian Rice of Social Media Today. "But without a doubt, another byproduct will be some classic report and dashboard gems."

The campaign runs through November, so head on over and get started!