eZ Systems and PolySpot Partner for Enhanced Enterprise Search
Enterprise search seems to be a hot topic today. PolySpot (news, site), a French company that provides such solutions, recently announced that they’re going to be collaborating with the ever-popular eZ Systems (news, site).

Like several other solutions on the enterprise search block, PolySpot's technology filters through numerous types of resources including secured files stored either within the enterprise or externally. By hooking up with eZ Systems, users can access eZ Publish's digital content management resources through the PolySpot interface. Seemingly big fans of the open source CMS, this partnership also nicely highlights PolySpot’s recent eZ Publish connector.

"We are very excited about this collaboration,” said Roland Benedetti, vice president Product Management, eZ Systems. “Simply connecting eZ Publish with PolySpot Enterprise Search represents an exciting opportunity for our common users. They will then be able to benefit from a comprehensive and coherent information access system on which IT departments can rely on.”

For more information on Polyspot, check out their homepage here (you can switch it to English). For the latest goings-on with eZ, stick with us.