FileVision 5 Features
FileVision, an information management software company dedicated to bridging the gap between the paper and digital worlds, released a completely re-engineered, greener version of its flagship software. FileVision 5 integrates document management, document imaging, workflow and relationship management into one single system. This consolidation eliminates the need for expensive and tedious in-house solutions, thereby cost-effectively increasing productivity and saving precious, precious time.Let's get right down to the new features: * Custom Behaviors: Say "goodbye" to lengthy user processes. Custom Behaviors is an advanced macro language that allows for easy configuration of the system including: event driven automation, scheduled manual or polling trigger automation, graphical designer user interface, user interaction mode, design of complex workflows, data replication and synchronization and automated custom imports and exports. * Document Capture: Document imaging allows users to easily capture and index text, and a clipboard enables quick reuse. * E-forms: Let’s hear it for electronically filled out forms that can be viewed and printed from FileVision’s new Web Client! * Web Client: Allows documents to be scanned and filed into the system from any computer connected to the Internet and equipped with a scanner. "FileVision 5's capabilities outpace competitive products in productivity, scalability, quick implementation and cost-effectiveness," said Tim Martin, president of BankSys Management, Inc. (BMI) and FileVision Professional Partner. "It not only addresses the key concerns of a business investing in technology at a time of economic downturn, but also enables the business to become more profitable by increasing productivity."

For A Greener Tomorrow

Going green has not only been the one commonality between hippies and soccer moms, but it's thriving in tech circles as well. We reviewed it earlier this year as a trend, earlier this month in a more serious tone, and even used it as a catchy way to discuss developments in security. But all silliness aside, saving the planet is something our team wants to do just as much as the next bunch of geeks, soccer moms, hippies, etc. FileVision 5's developments scream "go paperless for a greener tomorrow" and we wholeheartedly support that agenda.