Google’s cloud storage option probably sounds pretty tasty if you’re trying to save money, but moving files from one cloud to another probably doesn’t.

Enter Gladinet (news, site), which makes moving as easy as drag-and-drop.

80GB for $20

80GB of space for US$ 20 per year is cheap. Real cheap. So cheap in fact, that jamming all your documents into it as soon as possible is looking like a good way to spend a Friday night.

Okay, maybe not, but with Gladinet’s solution it won’t take you that long anyway. The tool offers desktop integration for a number of big cloud services like Amazon S3, Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Azure, and now, Google Docs and its fancy upload-any-file feature. .

“We know small and medium-sized businesses have limited time and expertise to devote to file storage, transfer and backup, so our developers have worked hard to make Cloud Desktop quick and easy to use,” explained Jerry Huang, co-owner of Gladinet. “Now that Google Storage is supporting all file types, our clients can take advantage of that lower-cost storage solution almost instantly from their Cloud Desktops.”

Make the Switch 

Feel like switching over? It’s looks pretty easy, and you can do it without logging in to either Google storage or your cloud server. After Installing the app, simply use Windows Explorer to upload or download or copy over any file: 


Gladinet file transfer

Backups can be done both manually and automatically, and because Gladinet uses the Windows Explorer interface, the company boasts a certain familiarity and ease even for novice users.

“Cloud Desktop harnesses the power of the cloud,” Huang continued. “There is no easier way to migrate from more expensive cloud storage solutions to Google Storage.”

Convinced? Check it out