In the cloud, a rainy day would consist of massive amounts of lost information without explanation or recovery options.

It could happen.

In case of such a hosted apocalypse (or, in the event of a much less serious instance, like when documents need to be accessed offline), a company called LTech has released Google Docs Backup, a downloadable tool for improved backup, archiving, and management of Google Docs. As the reported first enterprise partner of Google to offer such a solution, their credibility is already turning heads.

LTech and the Goog

LTech was founded in 2001 by COO Ed Laczynski, and shortly after became an enterprise partner of Google. Their products have focused on Google Apps specifically, providing products, services and resources for users. The realization that a focus on Google’s Web-based word processor could be a beneficial direction came as more and more enterprise customers began to use Google Docs.

“…we saw the need for a simple, easy-to-use tool that would meet the growing need for backup and archiving on local storage,” explained Laczynski. “Now, with LTech Google Docs Backup, on-premise backup capabilities add further value to Google Docs and make the platform more attractive to IT administrators.”

It also helps that similar solutions from other providers have failed to keep up with the growing need. For personal backups there have been solutions available on Google Code, and a Greasemonkey script for Firefox users, but neither are well suited for the big bad enterprise.

LTech Backs it Up

LTech Google Docs Backup allows Google Apps users to download documents, spreadsheets and presentations into either a local directory or other locally attached storage, thereby making information accessible even when offline. Backups can be done for a single user, or an entire Google Apps domain. The solution can also export documents in multiple formats, including all standard Microsoft Office products.

The system seems pretty straightforward in terms of usability (video demonstration here). After a small handful of credential authentications and other technical trappings you're set to go. After all is said and done, the solution kicks out a plain text report for those interested in keeping a record of the records they've kept.

Additional features include:

  • Command line and Wizard style GUI version provided
  • Specify multiple formats for Google Doc export
  • Schedule as an automated task for recurring backup
  • Backup Google Docs to a local folder or network drive

LTech Google Docs Backup currently supports Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher, but there is talk of OSX and Linux compatibility in the near future.