Today it was confirmed that Google has begun tinkering around with an integration of voice search with the search engine. 

Voice search detects your computer’s microphone settings, opens a “Speak now” widget, and detects and transcribes your words into a search query.

Android users will be familiar with the feature. As a part of the Google Search widget, Google Voice Search on Android can translate voice commands into actions. For example, “Directions to the Golden Gate Bridge” will pull up instant driving/walking/public transportation directions to the San Francisco landmark via Google Maps, and "Note to self" generates a text field that translates any following comments into an e-mail that is then sent to your own account. 

As for, Ustream's Matt Schlicht was lucky enough to spot and use the new feature yesterday, and described his experience via Twitter:

Learning Opportunities



The Internet giant as been hard at work on the accuracy of the offering, which now recognizes Chinese and reportedly learns from your speech patterns. Still, it's difficult to see this feature as much of a hit -- after all, who really wants to shout out their queries? 

What do you think? Should voice search be a part of the Google homepage?