You may've noticed that Google tends to ride its solutions until the wheels fall off before tossing them to the wayside. Google Bookmarks, for example, isn't that popular, and yet Big G continues to improve it. Earlier this month we saw that cool star thing, and now there are some organizational, list forming, and sharing capabilities to utilize.  

Crash Course

The concept is pretty basic: Google Bookmarks allows users to store their collection of internet links on the Web, which means you can access them from any computer. You can get started by starring a few items in your search results. The links will then appear on your Google Bookmarks page.

Google added the star feature to search results early this month, syncing it to Bookmarks as well as Google Toolbar.

"In our testing, we learned that people really liked the idea of marking a website for future reference, but they didn't like changing the order of Google's organic search results," wrote Cedric Dupont, Product Manager and Matthew Watson, Software Engineer, on Google's official blog.  "With stars, we've created a lightweight and flexible way for people to mark and rediscover web content."

Now with Google Docs

The new features for Bookmarks go way beyond fancy shapes. Thanks to the updates, now you can:

  • Create lists: Access your Google Bookmarks page, check the pages you want to group, and stick them into a list that you can further personalize with notes. If Google detects local links in these lists, they provide a map so you can visualize your locations as well.
  • Receive Suggested Links: , Google will now suggest links based on your original favorites that you can then bookmark.
  • Utilize Labels: If you use Google Labels, now you can convert them into lists.
  • Share Lists: By default, your lists are private, but if you'd like to you can share them will your friends. Doing so will allow them to add comments or links of their own to the list.

Moreover, the new features integrate with Google Docs, YouTube and Google Maps so that you don't even have to leave the Bookmarks interface to add links. We can definitely see being able to share lists of Google documents with fellow Googlers coming in handy:


As far as we know,these new features do not integrate with Google Chrome's bookmark syncing feature, which is an obvious downfall, but perhaps it's something in the pipeline.

Check out Google's vid to see the new features in action: