Think copying and pasting is already pretty easy? Well, leave it up to Google to make it even easier.

Google’s new web clipboard for Docs temporarily stores items you’ve copied in the cloud, then allows you to paste them with proper formatting into other documents.

From Spreadsheet to Presentation

Say that in preparation for a quarterly review you’ve made a spreadsheet displaying your company’s sales for the defined time period. After you’ve completed the chart, it’s as simple as copying it with the new clipboard menu:


…and then selecting it from the same menu to paste it into a Google presentation. The pasted text operates just as you’d expect it to in the new environment, and will sit in the clipboard for a month for more pasting purposes before it expires.

"The new web clipboard lets you copy content between documents, spreadsheets and presentations more easily and with improved fidelity, and this is just our first step," writes Google on their Docs blog.

This addition is just one of the many cool new features Google's kicked out for Docs this year, including a new thumbnail viewing option, shared folders and the popular multiple file upload. Visit Goog's detailed description of working with the clipboard here, or check out the forum of you can think of any other improvements.