Google just won’t stop. In addition to dressing up Google Docs with a multiple file upload and storage option (and hitting up third-party developers for some nifty related apps), Goog has added a thumbnail view and improved search functionality to their collaboration tool.  

Toggle over to the thumbnail view and Google generates small previews of your all Google Docs types and most common files (photos, PDFs, etc.): 



Google Docs thumbnail view (via Google Docs Blog)

Google recommends combining their new visual aid with the search by relevance option for optimum results. 

As for good ol' Google Search, the team as added the welcome the "Did you mean: ..." feature. Unless you've been living under a rock then you probably understand what that means, but since we're on kind of a visual tip anyway, here you go:




Google Hears You!

In other awesome news, enough user feedback occurred for Google to increase the file size upload limit within the new upload-any-file capability from 250 MB to 1 GB. For those of you that contributed to that discussion, congratulations.

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