Can't we all just get along? If you're Google and Microsoft, the answer has never been more clear. While pointing the finger at faulty security, the search engine outfit announced yesterday that it will no longer allow employees to use the Microsoft Windows operating system. 

Attacks from Overseas

Google claims the catalyst for their decision was China's attack on computers utilizing Windows and Internet Explorer 6. The incident occurred early this  year, and, thanks to weak spots, resulted in the theft of Google intellectual property, believed to be source code. 

The attack reportedly also involved attempts to access the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Meanwhile, Google also discovered that dozens of other activists utilizing Gmail had had their accounts routinely accessed by third parties, likely as a result of phishing scams or malware.  

That's It, It's Over

Google employees, which were previously able to request their preferred operating system, will now only have Linux or Mac to choose from. Concurrently, Google's been encouraging employees to use the company's own Chrome operating system as well. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt hinted at the ousting during Google's Atmosphere 2010 Conference earlier this year. "Our Web services and Web platforms will be inherently more secure" he said. "Hold us to this."

Google is Going Google

Though the change came as a surprise to some of Google's internal folk, we can't exactly say we're surprised. Google's been a Google-only kind of company for quite some time now, and has this year released several tools specifically designed to pull Microsoft users over to the G side:

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook

This desktop utility allows Microsoft Outlook users import their existing mail, personal contacts, and calendar events from a Microsoft Exchange account or PST file into a Google Apps Premier Edition or Education Edition account. 

Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes

Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes is a native Notes database tool that migrates mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your Notes accounts to Google Apps.

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange makes it easy for administrators to migrate email, calendar and contacts from on-premise or hosted Microsoft Exchange.