If you've got more than one Google account, today's news about a feature in the works may interest you. The team members behind Google Operating System reported that Big G is testing a feature that will allow users to log into multiple Google accounts from the same browser. 

Forget opening another browser in order to be simultaneously logged into more than one account. The multiple sign-in feature will allow users to open different Gmail accounts in different tabs. Once it's out, users will simply have to turn on the feature:


Currently, Gmail, Reader, Sites, Calendar, Code and Docs are the services being tested. If it pulls through it'll certainly be useful, but there is one drawback: if you turn on multiple sign-in, you won't be able to access Gmail in offline mode. Furthermore, if you use a service that doesn't support multiple sign-in, it will default to the first account that you signed into. 

These are heavy limitations for now, but if it takes off we'd be willing to bet that Google will be quick to add support for more sites.