Hashwork Bridges with Twitter for Internal and External Micro Blogging

New company Hashwork's lead product helps to make it easier for employees, customers and prospects to communicate and share useful information.

Taking Twitter Inside

Social presence is something that all companies should have these days and Hashwork provides a way for any company to reach out with a little social media connection.

Taking Twitter as a base, it makes your posts to that service visible to your company's own community and allows you to add images, files and other attachments for help or ad-hoc workflow, collaboration and CRM.


Hashwork Dashboard

Company staff sign up to the service using their company email account, meaning administration is kept to a minimum.

As an example of how it can work, customers can make inquiries, complaints or comments on Twitter which can then be handled internally within security of the Hashwork system.

Pull Online Sources Together

There are a couple of simple tools that can be used to share useful information and links -- a browser button and a script for your own Web pages. File transfer works by providing links that appear in Twitter posts for others to click and download.

Learning Opportunities

Watch the demo video to see the service in action. 

Not A Twitter Replacement

They key to Hashwork is that it is not intended to replace Twitter for corporate micro-blogging, like many other solutions out there. Instead, it keeps Twitter for external micro-blogging, pulling that feed inside the firewall and integrating it with an internal micro-blog.

This enables companies to manage all their contacts in one place, using Hashwork for customer engagement and/or team collaboration.

Start out for Free

There is a free plan which anyone can start out on offering the basic feature set which includes most of the tools plus 1GB of storage. Basic support is available via a forum, with only the Enterprise edition offering phone assistance.

Successive paid-for editions add more storage and features such as the ability to delete user posts, improved support facilities, SSL security and single-sign on for the top-end enterprise version.

Learn more about this new service on the Hashwork website.