Well aware that money is one of the biggest reasons several companies are still hesitant to switch over to Google, Big G has released a calculator that can determine your actual savings, should you ever decide to migrate.

Test Drive the Cloud

Google's go Google cloud calculator is designed to give potential users a sense of the benefits of going Google in an easy-to-understand way. From what we can tell, you begin by answering a few (mostly number-related) questions about your company, and Google takes that information and plants it into its algorithms. The results can then be shared with co-workers via a custom URL: 

The data can also be shared through a presentation PDF, spreadsheet or poster: 

Google calculator poster example

 We'd talk about how self-serving the tool is, but these days it's not uncommon for Google to be so... Google-y. The search engine giant has not only released several tools aimed specifically at migrating Microsoft users over, but this week they also announced that their employees weren't allowed to have anything to do with Microsoft either. That is, they axed the internal use of Windows

We're not sure what moves like these are doing for Google's user base, but this calculator is sure to inspire at least a switch or two. Check it out for yourself, here