Imaginatik Mobilizes Knowledge Management
Remember Imaginatik (news, site)? The collective intelligence company aims to solve your corporate-level problems by sorting through loose information via a solution called Idea Central. And, like many solution providers out there, they've gone mobile.  

Knowledge Management In Your Pocket

Idea Central Mobile is a module that allows the key features of your Collective Intelligence event to live in your smartphone of other mobile device. Perks include: 

  • Engaging a mobile audience (which is kind of a big deal these days)
  • Imaginatik claims accessing Idea Central from your mobile device is just as secure as accessing it from a desktop or laptop computer thanks to an SSL encryption
  • Staying up-to-date and in touch is a constant option, making idea development and refinement that much faster


Idea Central Mobile

“When you’re talking about enterprise-scale innovation, you can’t afford to leave people out of the process just because they’re not always at their desks,” explained Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik. “With Idea Central Mobile, executives, sales representatives, technicians, and anyone else can now participate in innovation activities from anywhere in the world.”

Currently, Idea Central Mobile is compatible with Blackberry OS 4.5 and higher, iPhone OS 3.x and higher, DROID by Motorola, and any other handheld device equipped with a browser that fully supports JavaScript and CSS. 

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