ITtoolbox Reveals Psychology of IT Folks
ITtoolbox, the online community for IT professionals, announced the results of the latest IT Social Media Index that looks at IT folks under the microscope to examine everything from career motivations and major life influences to media consumption habits and personal preferences. Turns out, we are most thankful to our fathers, not fond of company politics, prefer Obama to McCain and are salivating over blu-ray players -- among other things.

What the Survey is All About

The goal of this survey was to gain a deeper insight into the motivations and preferences of 2,935 IT professionals and executives from 109 countries. Wave III was conducted by ITtoolbox and PJA Advertising + Marketing agency between June 25 and July 8, 2008. Participants were drawn directly from the ITtoolbox network. The goal of the Wave III survey was twofold: # To confirm the ongoing use of social media tools and user-generated content by global IT decision-makers and influencers, # To construct a psychographic profile of these IT decision-makers and influencers that plumbs deeper issues such as inspiration, emotional state, leisure media and pastime preferences. The survey respondent distribution was 56% North America, 21% Asia, 15% Europe and 8% rest of world.

Survey Results and Findings

Among the notable trends identified, social media consumption continues to outpace editorial and vendor content consumption increasing from 3.3 in November 2007 to 3.7 hours per week in July 2008. In addition, global consumption of social media and user-generated content has remained consistent, with the use of blogs, discussion groups and wikis leading the pack. "Web 2.0 channels have become vital sources of content and networking for technology professionals," said Mike O'Toole, SVP and Partner at PJA. The survey also delved deeper into the psychology of IT professionals and executives to provide a comprehensive understanding of their career motivations, influences, and personal preferences. These results included: * When asked to rank their confidence in several areas, respondents said they have the most confidence in their job and profession, * At work, 51% of IT professionals said their biggest headache comes from company politics getting in the way of good decision-making, * When things go well at work, the IT professionals said they prefer financial rewards (85%) and validation from superiors (58%), * 54% of IT professionals are drawn to the field by an aptitude for technology as a child, * The History Channel (29%) was selected by respondents as their favorite TV network followed closely by CNN (16%), * Watching movies (45%), listening to music (38%) and reading books (36%) were among the respondents' favorite hobbies, * Fathers were indicated as the most common influences (34%) on the life of the IT professional, * Barack Obama is the U.S. President candidate of choice for almost 45% of those surveyed. Is this really a true picture? Tell us.You can find the full results of the ITtoolbox/PJA Social Media Index survey here.