Jive Software (news, site) has finalized the integration of its recently required social media monitoring solution, Filtrbox, into its Jive Market Engagement Solution.

A New Generation of Social Software

Ok, it's actually just the next generation of Jive Market Engagement, but work with me. The solution now offers built in social media monitoring and integration with Jive's new Ideation module.

The Jive Market Engagement Platform is designed to monitor the social web, including blog posts, videos and photos, forums, online news, and social network sites like FriendFeed and Twitter for mentions of an organizations brand. But it's not just about monitoring, it's about acting on that information, and Jive Market Engagement provides this capability as well.


Jive Market Engagement, War Room

It's an interesting package, one that many organizations will consider. Monitoring what is being said about you on the social web is critical, engaging in it is just as critical.

You can learn more about Jive's solutions May 4, when Jive is holding a live webcast on the subject.