Kaltura (news, site) launches the latest version of its open source community edition and adds Amazon back-end power.

Your Video Vault?

Offering online video for all websites, Kaltura went open source last year and has put a lot of time into the new version of its Community Edition, which offers all the features of the company's commercial version. It can also guarantee further Enterprise 2.0 firepower by offering cloud service via Amazon's EC2.

The 3.0 Community Edition offers a host of new features including advertising network integration, metadata support and transcoding for mobile devices. But, the big news is that users can be up and running online with Amazon EC2 in around 15 minutes, offering endless storage and compute requirements at bargain bucket prices, ideal for those with big ambitions but small hardware, plus the guarantees for uptime and support.


Video management has never looked simpler

For Your Web Viewing Pleasure

With the massive rise in web video content and its monetization, Kaltura offers a range of hosted or on-premises solutions, all offering wide-ranging video support, playlists, site templates, sharing tools and more. The 3.0 edition of the community edition adds all the features from the commercial version and ticks all the right boxes for those looking to get into web video.

Advertising integration with the VAST network allows users to put appropriate adverts in the right place alongside their content, for rapid monetization. The ability to add quality metadata will improve the searchability of content and get those videos (and adverts) seen in the right places.


Metric management is handled in a familiar fashion

Going Mobile

Delivering content to mobiles is looking like an essential hit for next year and Kaltura offers H.264 and 3GP video transcoding flavors, offering compatibility with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, as well as their tablet forms, which will play an equally important role in driving web use forward in the coming years.


With over 100,000 sites now using Kaltura, the company must have seen fair success from going open source and you can download the latest version right here. Cloud-ready Amazon Machine Images are available from the Kaltura Blog.